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Operating from domestic premises since May 2014, Lindylou's now has several children on roll from 1 - 4 yrs. Starting the day at 7.30a.m. Lynne takes a little boy to the local nursery, walks the dog and is back to welcome an 18 month old full timer who has been with Lindylou's since she was 7 months old.  This child is soon joined by a 2 yr old little girl and closely followed by a 4 yr old and together the girls play happily with all the toys, take part in lots of structured activities centred around themed topics which are related to each area of the early years curriculum and go out into the community to take part in social activities such as playing on the local park, visiting the local library, lunch out at the local garden centre, soft play or just shopping. A 1 yr old little boy attends in the afternoons and he too engages in self led supervised play in the playroom, wandering out into the gated decking area to play inside the playhouse, with sit n ride toys or in the tuff spot with sensory play items.

We have explored lots of themes including gardeing, spring topic, "The hungry caterpillar" where we watched caterpillars transform into butterflys before our eyes, we have painted and made and baked and designed for mother's day, Chinese new year, Halloween, Christmas, bonfire night, celebrated each child's birthday, looked at farm animals, sea life and caring for pets...there is always something to explore and discover. The children climb, swing, balance, ride, go for walks, sing, dance, play games, engage in pretend play, model and craft, learn about numbers and letters, weigh, count, measure, read, stick, cut, colour and get messy. They have a great time and laugh and smile through their day. They are fed, watered, changed and kept clean and safe. Organic nutritional snacks and meals are provided, drinks at all times, potty and toilet training in operation and nappy changing is frequent. The children experience the animals at Lindylou's, can take naps if they need to, play in the garden, watch the occassional dvd, and listen to stories and music. The day ends when the last child is collected at 5.30p.m. and all parents have had all the info on their child's day. Records and reports are made. Daily diaries are kept and parents have their own private facebook page. It's a community thing, a happy, relaxed and friendly service, makign a difference to the developing child by offering many and varied opportunties to learn through play. Come and join us. Tel 07931 932123